Commercial Crime

We are regularly appointed by Insurers and Reinsurers in all parts of the world for the handling of claims under Commercial Crime Bonds.  It’s one of our main areas of work.

Our experience and expertise in a wide range of industries allows us to bring a broad base of knowledge to the assessment of internal controls, the evaluation of fraudulent schemes and the documentation that is needed to evidence the loss.

From relatively small stock losses affecting UK businesses, to multi-million dollar frauds affecting multinational corporations worldwide, the types of losses we routinely investigate and quantify include:

  • Employee dishonesty; including misappropriation of funds, and supplier or customer collusion
  • Forgery and other third party fraud
  • Theft of stock

When a loss is discovered, we work closely with a business’s own internal audit, security and legal personnel to ensure the efficient and effective handling of the enquiry. We give constructive advice on how best to take the investigation forward, along with the positive steps that can be taken to mitigate the loss and pursue recovery.

The scope of our involvement depends on the nature of the loss, the affected business’s own resources and the terms of the policy. As well as conventional loss adjusting, our forensic accounting experience means that we can undertake detailed quantum investigations where appropriate.

Key Contacts

David Ledger
Helen Meredith
Robert Lloyd
Erika Hinojosa
James Vincent
Director - Dubai Office
Stephen Ixer
Claudia Houlihan
Associate Director
Sandy Kapoor
Associate Director – Dubai Office
Joanne Nelson
Associate Director