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Ransomware Attack at a US Community Hospital

March 2024

The claim was for loss of income and costs.

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Middle East Bank – Trade Finance Loan Fraud by a Corporate Customer

January 2024

A major Middle East bank reported a complex fraud relating to eight loans advanced under a trade finance facility to a corporate customer in Singapore. We verified the Insured’s loss in excess of USD 18.5 million.

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Ransomware Attack Affecting Private Schools in Singapore

November 2023

For this claim, we were instructed by insurers to gather information and documentation in relation to the costs incurred by the insured group of schools.

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Customer issues Court Proceedings against Bank after Personal Assistant spent USD 3.75 million on Credit Card

August 2023

The Insured, a Middle Eastern bank, reported a potential exposure of c.USD 5 million after unauthorised transactions were made using a high-net-worth customer’s credit card.

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DDoS Attack on an e-Commerce Platform

May 2023

This Distributed Denial of Service “DDos” attack affected the eCommerce platform of a retailer of horticultural and garden products.

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Customer claim against UAE Bank arising from a lost cheque

January 2023

A customer of a bank in the UAE deposited a cheque for SAR 1,000,000 drawn on a bank in Saudi Arabia.

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Fraud at a Lebanese Joint Venture

August 2022

A multinational courier firm. Local laws regarding business ownership meant the Lebanese operation was a joint venture.

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Employee Theft of Client Funds – UK Professional Services Practice

March 2022

The Insured's employee stole funds from two bank accounts containing the firm's clients funds.

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Dishonesty of Employee and SIM Swap Fraud – Bank in the United Arab Emirates

January 2022

The insured are a large bank in the United Arab Emirates. As much as USD 1.5million was stolen from customer accounts.

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UK literary agent hit by ransomware attack

September 2021

The insured, a UK based literary agent, were hit by a ransomware attack in the days following the initial Covid-19 lockdown. As with many SMEs, the insured were still trying to navigate the challenges of working from home, and this made the attack particularly disruptive.

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Impropriety by GM – Colombian Subsidiary of Healthcare Provider

May 2021

A European-owned multinational with offices worldwide. The General Manager had founded the business himself and had sold out to the multinational.

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Dishonesty of Employee – Hong Kong Branch of a Management Agency

January 2021

A US-owned agency with offices worldwide. The Hong Kong branch was previously independent and had been sold to the international agency in the 2000s.

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