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Will there be a sharp rise in the discovery of crime losses following the pandemic?

Imagine putting on your “Out of Office” for 15 years and still getting paid! Not sure many of us would be so lucky!

Are we going to see a sharp rise in the discovery of employee dishonesty and crime losses as employers tighten up or adapt their internal processes due to the pandemic? Or by promoting more agile working arrangements perhaps? We certainly think so.

What will these losses look like? Will they comprise the usual mix of fraudulent transfers, manipulation of accounts/payroll, collusion with suppliers and/or customers, not forgetting the good old-fashioned theft of cash/property and forgery claims…who knows? Maybe we’ll start seeing some new claims trends. Our team of expert adjusters are keeping a close eye and we look forward to continuing assisting Insurers, Insureds and Brokers with a seamless and stress-free claims process.

If you’d like more information about the trends we’re seeing and expecting, please do get in touch.

Read the article here: Italian hospital employee accused of skipping work for 15 years – BBC News

Hetle Soni – Associate Director

April 2021
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