Political Risk & Trade Credit

We have long-standing experience of all types of policies in the constantly evolving political risk and trade credit insurance markets.

In this area we work closely with Insurers to protect their interests in the typically complex claims that can arise.

Our bespoke investigation and management services mirror the tailor-made nature of political risk and trade credit policies. Our international focus and legal expertise combine with our forensic accounting capabilities to enable us to quickly get to the bottom of the most complicated cases. We provide a fast, cost-effective service on more standardised credit insurance programmes. In every case we pay close attention to opportunities for loss mitigation and post-indemnity recoveries.

Among the types of claims we deal with are:

  • Non-payment for goods and services
  • Non-delivery of goods and services
  • Sovereign default
  • Confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation
  • Mobile assets
  • War and civil strife
  • Unfair calling of on-demand bonds
  • Contract frustration
  • Multi-buyer credit insurance
  • Individual trade credit policies

Key Contacts

Helen Meredith
Chris Alderton
David Ledger
Stephen Ixer
Associate Director